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The face of IvimeyComWelcome!

I am a computer software engineering consultant with over 30 years experience in developing and delivering high-quality software.

I have experience of software project management, website construction and delivery, software systems design, and of course programming in C, C++, PHP, PostScript, .NET and more.

Projects include:

  • Website design, hosting and upgrades
    • Design, development and deployment of websites using HTML, SHTML, CSS and PHP.
    • Construction of new websites using Drupal 7, Drupal 8 and Drupal 9.
    • Upgrade of Drupal websites from one version to another.
    • Importing data into a website from third parties, including REST, SOAP and XML transfers.
    • Migration of a District Council’s website from a bespoke CMS to Drupal
    • Use of virtual machines, Ansible and other devops techniques.
    • Construction of websites for local charities.
  • IT and Computing
    • Maintenance and Requirements analysis
    • Design of a system to optimise process flow for colour profiling
    • Email and Web server setup and maintenance including hardening and spam defence
    • Setup and use of Virtual PCs both locally and remotely
    • Low-level microprocessor kernel debugging and serial protocol analysis
    • Software engineering for an FTP server for a high availablility, high speed datacentre
    • Detailed design and development of software for a factory robotic control system
    • Design of hardware for a high performance, microprocessor-controlled consumer product
  • Data analysis and Product Management
    • Project management on multiple software engineering projects
    • Product management for new startup Imvoto
  • Photography and Graphic Design
    • Wedding Photography.
    • Custom Digital Map design and printing
    • Poster creation and production (up to A2).
    • Photograph digitisation, repair, and cleanup (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc)

Small jobs welcome! Please contact me for a quote.