IdeaTransform selects Imvoto amongst the prizes

Ruth recently participated in the IdeaTransform event at the Cambridge Judge Business School, a variety of “boot camp” in which a group of folks get together on Friday night to pitch business ideas and take them forward over the weekend. She had already participated in the Startup Weekend of 2011, organised by many of the same people, and was looking forward to a great weekend.

The pitches were many and varied: 26 ideas were pitched to the 100+ attendees, who then voted for those they thought had the most potential. The attendees were then invited to form teams around the top ten (though they could, if they wished, do any project). In the end, two of the ten were similar enough that they merged to make better use of the talent.

Ruth selected the Imvoto team because of a good match of needs, the simple yet brilliant idea behind the pitch, and a prior interest in the space. While many present felt that all the participants had benefited from the event, the following teams were selected for the various prizes and it was incredibly satisfying to be part of a winning team.

  • Sim-Print - using simple mobile phones and fingerprint readers to identify itinerant patients in developing areas
  • Imvoto - using smartphones in the classroom to implement hard parts of Assessment for Learning.
  • Ampium - getting grid electricity into cars on the move
  • ITAS - a service to use mobile and GPS technologies to streamline taxi and other public transport use.

At the event as well as judges there were a large number of mentors, covering a wide range of skills, who were available for general or detailed discussion throughout the weekend. It was incredibly useful to have the experience and feedback from these people.

Imvoto has received a huge amount of support both during and after the event and looks set to go on to a bright future.

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