I have a background of 20 years in the IT industry. I have been as a senior engineer, project manager and a recently a product manager working with a portfolio of over 20 packages. I am a past member of ACM and also a qualified Pragmatic Marketing Product Manager.

My past work has included:

  • Embedded computer design and software
  • PC purchasing, maintenance, and administration
  • Training course presentation
  • Technical author, with several published books
  • Helping to set up academic conferences
  • Programming websites
  • Photograph restoration
  • MFC and .NET application development
  • and as the editor of a monthly newsletter!

I have also enjoyed training clients on the data analysis tool QlikView. I really like QlikView – it’s very intuitive way of exploring very large datasets makes it ideal for situations where you don’t know in advance what you might need.

In my working life I have always striven for efficiency with a customer focus, believing that keeping customers is as important to a business as finding new ones. My personal website can be found at www.ivimey.org, and I’m also on LinkedIn

My full CV.

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